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Do you need a makeup course to become a professional makeup artist?

As they grow up, many beauty-loving people learn to apply makeup on their own and come of age having perfected a look and method that enhances their own face and style. Now that makeup lessons are more and more accessible via social media and streaming services; it looks easy for anyone to say that they’re makeup artists too, which leads to the next question: if everything is available online so easily, what value does a makeup course really offer to a future makeup artist?

Course Description

More than a makeup artist …

While online tutorial videos are sufficient to understand many types of makeup, there is more to being a makeup artist than creating the perfect smoky eye. No matter what look you are trying to create: radiant makeup for a bride or a ‘monstrous’ makeup for Halloween, the comfort and well-being of your client should be a top priority. To be able to create it at all times, it is necessary to have access to state-of-the-art training from someone with extensive experience as a professional makeup artist and willing to share it with you. You feel very isolated when you try to learn on your own …

In a professional makeup course, you are surrounded by people sharing the same goals and passion, with whom you can exchange the newly acquired knowledge. Learning not only from professors but also from peers expands the expertise and techniques one can assimilate in a teaching-oriented environment. Which is impossible to find when you are self-taught. When it comes to makeup, practice really makes all the difference. By enrolling in a makeup course, you let yourself be guided by experts in a setting that offers enough time and space to perfect your art.

Global influences

We are fortunate to live in a world where beauty is expressed in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Because of the very nature of makeup, most autodidacts tend to learn only one type of beauty (perfect doe eye, or flawless blend of shades) by practicing only on their own face. Of course, these skills are important, but they are not always ideal to achieve on the other types of faces that we see in a larger, diverse, multicultural, and international population. What is very beautiful in a person may not be suitable for a face with one eye, face, skin tone, or eyebrows having different characteristics. Through a professional makeup course, you learn to work with all face shapes and skin tones, as well as perfect a variety of color techniques and theories to enhance the features and beauty of each of your clients.

Trendy looks vs. requests and techniques

Just like in fashion, beauty trends are fleeting; they are constantly changing, and what is ‘in’ today is likely to be out ’tomorrow. While social media is the perfect platform to see fleeting trends take off, these looks may not be what the average shopper is looking for in real life.

It is therefore essential for a makeup artist to be able to adapt to constantly changing looks. And it’s even more important to understand the very basics of classic makeup in order to offer a variety of beauty treatments and styles; from the traditional bride to achieving truly out of the ordinary makeup with funky and colorful palettes. Real techniques aren’t learned by consistently achieving the same look, but rather the result of hard work surrounding yourself with the best advice from the beauty pros. And a lot of practice!

Course Duration

Master all the basics of professional makeup with the professional makeup course. Designed for those who want to build a professional career in makeup, this 90-hour course offers the latest in beauty techniques, product information, and an important career development component. Also includes makeup for the bride and makeup techniques for photos.


Students receive a diploma

Makeup bag included

Only 6 to 8 students per course, for personalized learning

Balanced curriculum with theoretical and practical aspect

First 10 lessons, students practice on top of each other

Last 13 lessons, practice is done on a mannequin

Even without a model, don’t miss a lesson!

All students receive a starter makeup kit and manual.

A professional makeup set, valued at $ 1,200, is included with the course.


• Qualified & experienced trainers

• Maximum of 8 participants per group

• Detailed theoretical manual

• Theoretical videos (unlimited access)

• Practical videos (unlimited access)

• Unlimited access to online training

• Descriptive images

• Access to a private support group

• Unlimited post-training follow-up


• Practice materials INCLUDED (online)

• Recognized Certification

• Delivery / Post INCLUDED (online)

• Affordable price

• 15% discount on our products in Store

Kit Content

Professional brush set
Skin Care Starter Kit
Departure suitcase
Removes unrelated makeup skincare starter kit.
Starter suitcase value of $ 500
15% discount on all our Fabeez and shop products.


The price of the course is $ 2,500

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