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It’s our mission to provide you with a calm, clean, and professional environment. Reception, Atmosphere, massage tables are set up for your comfort and relaxation guaranteed!

Do you have any discomfort? Are you looking for a moment of relaxation? Several certified therapists will be of service to you according to your requests with recognized techniques and will be able to have an optimal reduction of the stress and muscular tensions.

We use quality Fabeez products (organic coconut oil and rice oil, containing everything good for your skin as well as the range for your body care).

Hot Stone Massage

Heat wrap restoring energy to the body and a favorable action for your psychic circulatory system, thus energetic on the muscles.

$105 – 60min



Bamboo Massage

Intramuscular massage causing the therapist to use bamboo as much as his own hands. This type of massage eliminates muscle tension and improves blood circulation.

$150 – 60min


Aromatherapy Massage

With techniques similar to Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage is a great way to combat anxiety, depression, insomnia, menstrual pain, etc.

We have a wide selection of oils needed to calm the body from daily stress.

$105 – 90min


Swedish Massage

With its methods of alternating light to strong pressures and slow to fast rhythms, Swedish massage is an excellent remedy for calming the ailments that affect the body on a daily basis.

$80 – 60min; $120 – 105min


Californian Massage

With a method much more focused on the body, the Californian massage acts in a radically gentle way with the objective of maintaining a constant fluidity through long movements but ampler.

$80 – 60min; $120 – 105min


Massage for students with ID

We offer massage sessions in any style for all students with school ID.

$40 – 60min; $70 – 90min


Massage Pregnancy Therapy

The maneuvers of this massage are adapted to the pregnant woman according to her stage of pregnancy. The massage therapists will relieve the painful areas including the tension of the weight of the body in order to offer the mother-to-be all the well-being and relaxation she should receive before childbirth. This massage calms the baby, dissipates stress from the body by offering a good depth, while soothing muscle pain. It acts on the lymphatic circulation to reduce the swelling of the tissues, to offer you more comfort in your movements.

-Ideal for future mothers who want to relax
-Ideal for relieving muscle pain and loosening tensions due to pregnancy
-Ideal for reducing stress and soothing baby

* It is important to wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy before receiving this treatment, as a preventive measure.

$ 90.00 for 60 min


Massage for Kids

Like the baby massage, the child massage takes the techniques of Swedish massage and adapts them to its young audience. Massage therapy is far from a luxury for school-aged children, because between the hectic life at home and the rigid surroundings of the school, a lot of stress can be accumulated. The many sports activities, an ill-fitting backpack, and growing pains add to these sources of tension.
Massage can also be experienced as a privileged parent-child moment thanks to a massage therapy treatment for two or by learning a few massage techniques from the therapist to try them out at home.


The relaxation provided by the massage allows the child to be calmer and more focused while promoting better sleep; benefits that can lead to better stress and emotional management and promote learning. A stomach massage can also relax internal organs and aid digestion. The child can also enjoy all the benefits of massage therapy, such as relaxing muscle tension and stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation for a better immune system.

$ 75 for 60 minutes




How reflexology works

Reflexology is an effective stress reliever by placing the person in a very relaxed state known as the parasympathetic state of the nervous system. It is in this state when the body has the highest potential to heal itself. In other words, one of the things I do in my sessions is to get you into this extremely relaxed state, which in turn allows your own body’s immune system to heal itself


Foot Reflexology Therapy Mobile Service

Foot Treatment Prices and Options

 30 min – $40

 60 min – $80

Can be done at your house for the same price + traveling fee depend on your address.


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